A few things you should know about cupping:

  • Cupping is most commonly sought after for muscle aches/pains, headaches and migraines.
  • It is also very helpful for athletes, those involved in sports and physically active individuals as it aids in performance AND recovery.
  • Great for office workers, those sitting, typing, or engaging in repetitive movements.
  • We highly recommend seeking cupping therapy at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms for best results.
  • Cupping has lymphatic drainage effects.
  • You can cup nearly anywhere on the body.
  • Safe for pregnancy! (we simply avoid contraindicated points)
  • Cupping can be tailored to each patient just like a massage. It should not be intolerable.
  • The sensation feels like tight, strong pressure. It almost feels like your muscles are engaging!

Fire Cupping:

The most traditional form of cupping, fire cupping is a more technique based practice. Fire cupping comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. A flame is used to suck the oxygen out of glass cups, which creates a suction when placed on the body. The flame does not touch the patients body, the marks are a result of the blood being pulled to the surface of the skin, not from the heat touching the body. Generally fire cupping can be done stationary or as moving cupping. With moving cupping lotion is applied to the body, and the cups are slid along different muscle groups getting to a broader area, kind of like a traditional massage.

Suction Cupping:

Suction cupping is our beginner friendly style of cupping. It is easier to control the suction, as you use a tool to create the suction. We can taylor the suction intensity to the needs of the patient. Generally suction cupping uses smaller cups, with more of them on the body. The cups stay in one place, and are not slid over the surface of the body as in fire cupping. This creates a more pinpointed action.

Facial Cupping:

Facial Cupping is very different than cupping on the body. It is much more gentle and is describes as feeling like guppy kisses on the face. Facial cupping helps to reduce swelling in the face, drain the lymph around the face, boost collagen production and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Therapeutically facial cupping can be used to help with TMJ (jaw pain), and tension headaches. It also feels amazing and leaves the person glowing. There should not be marks left by facial cupping.

CBD Add On:

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