What is energy healing?

All matter can be broken down into energy. That means that everyone and everything is made up of energy. We intuitively know this because we can feel the energy when you walk into a room right after a couple has had a heated argument. We can feel the energy of a creepy house. We feel that person who “lights up a room” as soon as they walk into it.

In Western culture, we aren’t encouraged to pay much attention to our energetic body, unlike in Eastern cultures. Energy, known as prana (Hindu), ki (Japanese), or chi (Chinese), is a vital part of our being. This energy is often referred to as life-force or universal energy and it is in us and all around us. Energy healers are able to affect, shift, or change our energetic bodies, by tapping into and even channeling universal life-force energy. There are many different types of energy healers, but to name a few:

Reiki Practitioners

Shamanic Healers

Sound Therapists


Massage Therapists


Breath Work Healers



Craniosacral Therapists 


3 Tips to Find the Energy Healer for YOU

1: Outline your goals. 

What is it you are feeling in your body, spirit, or mind that is causing you dis-ease? If you are dealing with physical pain in your body, then you might choose to seek out a more tactile energetic healer, such as a massage therapist or acupuncturist. Are you feeling emotionally stuck or spiritually disconnected from your purpose? Then, you might be better served by a Reiki or a shamanic healing session. Get clear on your “why”. Take some time to be quiet, breathe, and ask yourself these questions aloud. What needs to heal? Where am I feeling blocked? What needs to be released? Why am I seeking energy work? Notice where you feel it in your body, what emotions arise, and what thoughts and memories come to the surface.

2: Ask for Recommendations.

Nearly every energy worker I have seen personally, has been by word of mouth. Ask around for recommendations and ask if people are open to sharing their personal experience with you, so you have an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind everyone’s experience is unique because we all show up with such different energies and are at various levels in our journey to heal, align, and get back to our authentic whole-selves. That being said, I always feel more open and comfortable seeing someone recommended by a friend versus someone I found through a google search (no matter how incredible their reviews are). 

3: Trust Your Intuition

Notice how you feel when a friend is speaking to you about their energy worker and their experience. Does it resonate, feel right, or do you even feel a bit fearful? Those are all signs you are on to something good. Yes, fear is a good sign. Fear clues us in to something we intuitively know will change as a result of this experience, and change is scary for all of us alike. So if it feels right in your gut, or even scary, go for it! Once you’ve gathered your recommendations, most energy workers will do an initial consult, quick phone call, or email with you regarding questions. Notice the vibe of the energy healer you’ve chosen and if they resonate with you. Does your gut tell you “no” or do you dislike their tone or anything about them? Even if it seems silly, trust your intuition. Your energy is at the core of who you are and is PRECIOUS. Do not see an energy worker that is at odds with your intuition. Trust your gut on who you choose.


About Ellie Goodwin:

Ellie is the owner of i heart reiki, where she offers 60-minute reiki healing sessions that combine Reiki with sound therapy, guided meditation, oracle cards, and chakra balancing. You can also find her leading yoga classes at YoYo Yogi. She is an empath and a natural healer, who has been working with energy since the age of 19.